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Shoot my mail service


Email delivery service with reliability built in as standard.

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WX Core hosting service


Manage hosted solutions for enterprise & SaaS applications.

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Minder DX monitoring device


IoT connected monitoring with real-time notifications.

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What are we up to now!?

Wilxite go-karting

Speeding Towards Success

We’re always looking for ways to improve our team’s work-life balance. Needless to say, our team had an absolute blast racing around the track and bonding over some friendly competition.
MinderDX devices

Top secret MinderDX installation

Our environmental monitoring devices were installed in a very secret location to monitor conditions in a very special datacentre. Our lips are sealed as to who, but these people make some of the fastest cars in the world!
Office holiday decorations

It’s beginning to look a bit like…

Yep - it’s that time of year for our office decorations to go up!
Dav movember

Dav's Movember Tash

We’re supporting our hairsuit colleague raising money for mental health and suicide prevention! Looking good Dav!
Support the cause here
Tori situp challenge

It's crunch time for Tori

Tori is taking on the sit-up challenge for Shelter! 100 sit-ups a day in October plus doing sober October all to raise money to fight bad housing and homelessness.
Support her here
Green screen space

Not just a pretty face

“Using technology to solve problems” is our motto here and the dreaded lockdowns presented plenty of opportunities for us to put this into practice. No face-to-face training, no problem!
Office microwave link installation

Going up in the world

Adding to our already impressive data connectivity, we’ve just completed the installation of a new private microwave link providing an additional layer of resilience and 700mbps capacity.
Emma recording voice over

A face for radio

We may be a technology company, but we’re creatives as well. Here’s our director Emma modelling our new pro-audio recording booth.
Wilxite Gin

Let the Gin out of the bottle

We don’t just do world-class software development, our own recipe Wilxite Gin is pretty tasty too! Hand made for us here in the Cotswolds.